Q&A with Miss B’s Bubbles

Miss B!!


Firstly, thank you for doing this interview, we really appreciate hearing people’s experiences of coming to our nights!


So, let’s get stuck straight in……


MM: You came to the first Mama Mixer event, what made you decide to book a ticket?

MB: Well, I think as a relatively new mama, you think about going ‘out out’, but between mopping up various bodily fluids and trying to sleep when you can, you never actually get around to making those plans to actually get ‘out out’…..whereas it’s so much easier for the dads, they seem to be able to make the time.  When I saw the Mama Mixers events on Instagram, I thought, ‘Whaaaatt??? No, you can’t, you don’t know anyone, are you mad?’….but then I thought why not? what’s more scary, a bunch of lovely ladies armed with prosecco, or raising a newborn? I think we all know the answer to that……and I get to buy a new frock!


MM: You came on your own and didn’t know anyone when you arrived, how did that feel?

MB: I won’t lie, I was terrified!!  I made sure I turned up on time, which for anyone that knows me, knows what a miracle that is, but the second I arrived I knew I was in good company, Vickey and Cara immediately made me feel welcome and the conversation quickly flowed, along with the prosecco!


MM: Were you nervous in the run up?

MB: Yep, and I nearly made my excuses, it’s very easy to have an excuse with a small baby, but I knew if I did, I’d regret it, I also wanted to prove to myself that I could actually do it, it’s hugely outside of my comfort zone, my day job is quite solitary and being a new mama takes it’s toll on your confidence, so I just knew I had to do it, for me, and it turns out, I was so right to trust my instincts.


MM: What was your first impressions upon turning up?

MB: Well, there were gold balloons so I knew I’d made the right decision!  Vickey and Cara were so welcoming and I immediately felt at ease.


MM: What was your overall experience of the evening?

MB: Whoop!!  What wasn’t to like? lovely ladies, great food and prosecco!  The evening went in a flash, before I knew it, I was tucked up at home, with the hiccups… ;0)


MM: You’ve since been to the Wine & Cheese night and are also going to Tapas at the Townhouse, would it be fair to say you like these nights?

MB: Absolutely, I love that the date is set so there’s no debate, the evenings have all flowed so well, and the ladies that come are all soooooo lovely!  And I just love putting a face to the social media accounts!


MM: What would you say to someone who is considering coming along but it a little apprehensive about coming on their own?

MB: I’d say absolutely do it, it’s completely natural to feel anxious about turning up to an event solo, but women naturally welcome each other, we’re actually very good at it.. I thought to myself, what’s the worst thing that can possibly happen?  There’s no obligation to sign up to any other events, but on the flip side, what’s the best thing that can happen?  I will meet some amazing new friends!


MM: Anything else you want to add?

MB: I’m still a touch embarrassed about escorting a giant gold balloon up the high street into Zee Bar at the first event…. ha ha ha!!


5 Facts about Miss B

  1. I”m not really Miss B any more, but Mrs L doesn’t have quite the same allure! ;0)
  2. I’m very shy, but an insufferable over sharer *cringe…and sorry*
  3. I can sew
  4. I want a fleet of dachshunds one day
  5. I could probably survive on prosecco alone


Thanks so much Miss B! We can’t wait to have a glass of Prosecco with you soon!  x


You can find Miss B at https://www.missbsbubbles.co.uk/ or on insta @missbsbubbles


Miss b's bubbles

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