Q&A with Vickey Fitz

Who are you?

I’m Vickey, I’m a 31 year old mum, I live in Tunbridge Wells and have lived here for nearly 2 years. I have a little girl Imogen who is 18 months old and is a spirited little thing shall we say ?

I previously lived in Kingston upon Thames before moving here and have spent my entire career to date as an Event Manager planning Conferences, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremony’s etc for the corporate fat cats of The City.


Why did you start Mama Mixers?

There are so many reasons and I could wax lyrical on them all but I’ll try and condense them down so you don’t doze off.

I love a night out, It’s as simple as that. I love getting dressed up, slurping on a nice cold glass of fizz and chatting fraff with other women. (I’m also partial to little cig when I do said drinking and chatting but let’s not anyone about that)


I moved to Tunbridge Wells when I was 6 months pregnant and immediately signed up to buy some friends learn about having a baby at NCT where I met 6 amazing women! As with most antenatal groups – you meet whilst preggo, have a couple of decaf coffees/Raspberry leaf tea’s on maternity leave, wait for the babies to pop, spend a few months going to baby groups until someone suggests a night out. YES! Our nights out became a monthly thing and it was during one of these nights out I had a thought, I thought how lucky we were to all be of a similar age, have similar interests and all enjoy a good drink night out. Especially lucky given I have friends who have done antenatal classes in other areas who couldn’t find a single person in their group to buddy up with. This was at this moment I thought, “Why can’t everyone have this experience of having a night out/off with other local mums in their area” you just get assigned a group of friends based on when you conceived – It’s a complete lottery!


Also, of the mums I did meet at baby groups/swimming lessons/the feeding room in Fenwicks, I was surprised at the number of these women who had just moved to the area, it seems there is a huge mas exodus from London to RTW as soon as you get knocked up!


It was with these women, myself included, In mind that I also wanted to start Mama Mixers. Motherhood can be a pretty lonely place, and that’s not something you really get told about so it can come as a shock and if you don’t do antenatal or have a group of women to lean on and talk to it can be that little bit harder SO that’s why.


Lastly, it’s pretty awkward trying to chat up a mum at a baby group and ask if they fancy a wine on a Friday night so this way, we can do it for you! OR you just ask If they are coming to the Mama Mixer night & that’s your chat up line, we’ve got your back ?


Oops, looks like I waffled on a bit there! Hope you’re still with me!


What’s the best thing about being a part of Mama Mixers? 

Well there are a few things really! Number 1 is obviously meeting all the mama’s that come along to the events. As I’m still relatively new to the area I don’t have a huge friendship group (Insert Loser L on forehead!) so it’s really nice to meet so many lovely women and start to really put roots down in my new hometown. You could say it’s a pretty selfish endeavour – setting up a group planning nights out just to make friends myself but let’s put a pin in that!


Number 2 is a reason specific to me & my career-  When you planevents for other people you don’t get a huge amount of say in the content or decision making process as its usually a corporate event so it’s a real treat for me (with Cara) to be able to make the decisions on what the events should look like and the message we want to send. It’s hugely enjoyable to plan events where the overall goal is for people to just have fun, especially when I know I’m going to be having fun too! In fact I would say they the easiest and most enjoyable events I have ever been involved in!


What’s the best & worst thing about Tunbridge Wells 

Save the best for last so the worst thing first: The traffic! What’s with hitting a traffic jam trying to get in or out of the town at any time?! St Johns road – Need I say more? Oh and a lack of Primark, H&M womens, Zara & Itsu. Oh and if I’m really on a rant, a decent late bar for over 30’s.

Best thing: There is so much to do! It’s amazing for the kiddies, loads on and a really nice community. We are never short for ideas/venues we want to put on and I love the number of independent businesses, Support local and all that!


Favourite place to go on a night out

Sopranos is good, we usually seem to end up there for a MASSIVE G&T and the owner has to politly kick us out ask us to leave at closing time.

The cocktails at Grub & Liquor are delicious and are really good value too so I enjoy a drink there. I haven’t actually been to all the bars/restaurants yet but I’m working on it. (Prehaps another reason for starting Mama Mixers?) I think Townhouse will become a fast favourite soon too!


Describe your ideal night out 

It all starts with the getting ready, I want a nice long hot shower, to blow dry my hair & spend more than 5 minutes on my make up (Luxury!) No worrying about what I’m going to wear as I have an entire outfit that I feel fantastic in, go to a nice bar for a little livener, then hit a new restaurant for a delicious meal with a really good wine list, followed by a cheeky little cocktail in a local bar and then home to bed. I also want to wake up hangover free, That’s not too much to ask it it?


Describe your ideal night in 

A nice long hot bath with some fancy smellies (Am I my mum?) A full body shave, exfoliate, facemask, the works. Then into fresh jammies, have my dinner waiting for me – a nice juicy burger & fries made by my husband, watch a film & into bed by 9pm (fresh sheets of course) And for our daughter to sleep through until 7am.


Best thing about being a mum 

Just having this little person living in your house trashing it on a daily basis. No one can describe the feeling of being a mother/parent, it’s just a nice warm fuzzy feeling. They can piss you off one minute and then be the cutest little sausage the next. I think I say “she is the cutest” about 5 times a day at least! She’s our little ragamuffin and has filled a gap I never knew existed. Awwwww..


Fun Fact

I did a BTEC in dance at college. I wanted to be a professional dancer but got declined from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Paul McCartney’s school) and it crushed me. My husband doesn’t believe me as I now have no rhythm and he constantly jokes about my dance ‘qualification’


What would you say to anyone that may want to come along to an event but hasn’t yet?

Do it! We don’t bite at all! Every single person I’ve met so far as been nothing but kind and welcoming. We are all about bringing people together and having a good time so if you’re thinking about it….. do it! You’ll have a great night, I promise!



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